Creative Lab

Students are experimenting with the development of a customizable chatbot for the college website. The primary challenge is to train the chatbot to deliver appropriate responses pertaining to college administration and teaching-learning activities.

Lead Student: Bijoy (2nd Year)
Mentor: Ishmam (Ex-student)

College Introductory Video:
Five students have developed a videography project showcasing the college introduction and lifestyle. They utilized a DSLR camera and Adobe Premiere software for the production of the project.
Treasure Hunt Version 3:
Four sociology students are collaborating to structure a game with five stages. In each stage, participants will endeavor to discover the answer to a provided set of clues, with each answer leading to another clue. The question remains: Other team members: 1. Morium, 2. Sweety, 3. Wahid, 4. Miraj The puzzle room volunteer: 1. Sanjida, 2. Bayezid, 3. Pulak, 4. Mahamud
Two students are disassembling the non-functional sound system  and attempting to repair it through a diagnostic process. The task proves to be more challenging than creating a new one, as they engage in a hands-on learning experience through trial and error.
Permanent Quiz Board and Contest:
A group of three students is experimenting with a quiz contest. Their novel idea is to conduct it live on the college premises. Every day, they display a new question on an interestingly designed board, with a box available for passing students to drop their answers. The following day, the three winners of the contest are rewarded with chocolates. Head of Planning – Sweety Akter & Morium Akter; Chief Executor – Ahanaf Wahid & Mahmudul Prince; Volunteer – Miraj
Food Carnival: Collaborative gender role shifting
Art Analysis: They Project was developed during the Covid shutdown.
Art Experiment: A student name Habiba tried to mirror the college in her canvas
TV Talk Show Simulation:Debate over Social Issues
Prodigy based movie analysis:
Students are organizing a movie show followed by a subsequent analysis. They aim to select specific movies related to famous science geniuses. How about the Movie “Oppenheimer”!!

Yet to be executed

Warming up for the Adventure Club:
The Adventure Club is working on developing puzzle-solving activities that focus on enhancing IQ and physical stamina. The aim is to prepare the next generation of military personnel. The main challenging aspect is to address safety concerns and develop specific clear instructions. Moreover, with limited funds, they need to develop the entire puzzle infrastructure.

Yet to be executed

Potluck Iftar: The objective was to make bonding among students
Student-Staff BBQ Party: Initiative